Is 2018 going to see another reissue of the ever popular adidas Originals Stockholm ?  Rumours are gathering pace, and if these rumours are to be believed, we could see the Stockholm 2018 model as soon as June this year. Although there is currently no confirmation of any release date.

Following on from the recent sneakersnstuff GTX Stockholm releases in Red and Blue, in 2017, the grey and black in 2016, it’s been a few years since the last “proper” Stockholm.

The stunning Blue and Yellow colourway was last released back in 2014 (pictured above). The 2014 version, although widely regarded as a stunning looking shoe, was mainly vilified by collectors across the boards for being far to uncomfortable to wear for any amount of time.

The 2008 Stockholm reissue (picture above) has always been far more in demand, although harder to come by. Plain and simply due to the comfort factor in comparison with it’s awkward 2014 brother.

What does the 2018 hold in store for the adidas Stockholm ?

Will the reissue happen ?? …….. Time will tell.

Although the Stockholm 2018 is unconfirmed, there is normally “no smoke without fire….” Watch this space.

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