So we’ve been scammed. We paid out £90 for 2 new tops and we have receieved nothing ….

So we thought we would pass on the details and give a review of 

To be honest it looked a dodgy site from the outset. They didn’t accept PayPal. They had a  brand new twitter page set up recently, no Instagram, and no Facebook account connected to it. (Which companies these days don’t have social media accounts??? The answer is normally dodgy ones!!)

But we ordered anyway, because we wanted to post there details on the internet for all to see. 

So this is how it went ……. 

  1. We saw a brand new giveaway competition for a new Twitter page called @awaydayattire being advertised by an established page on Twitter @Casualmind_ (They’ve got 92’000 followers so must be trusted!?!) 

But this set alarm bells ringing as towards the end of November last year, a very similar site emerged out of nowhere, advertising on Facebook and Instagram called , Black Friday sales, Christmas sales etc. but they were using images from other established websites. In transpired that this was another scam site, so we proceeded to dig a little further and place our order ….. 


A Fred Perry polo top and a Stone Island long sleeve top for the grand total of £90 – What an absolute bargain!! If it turns up…..

We placed the order on Thursday 25th April 2019 ….. (We paid by Credit Card so we were covered should there be a problem) and waited …….. 


I shouldn’t have too long to wait as advertise that all orders would be posted the same day.( This sounds like an amazing new site !!)

To my absolute shock, after a few days, nothing had arrived. So we sent our first email, then we sent another, then we got a reply ……


So 4 days after I placed my order, they have now told me it is going to finally be delivered in the next 2 days, so should be with me by the 2nd May. I was so excited ……. 


But…….. my excitement was short-lived, as Wednesday and Thursday both came and went, and there was still no sign of the postman with my package….. Disappointed and a little angry…… So over the next couple of days i sent a few more emails….

And still we were met with silence …….

We decided to let them know we would be sharing their deception with our social media followers in the hope it may shock them into delivering or refunding, and we got a reply ……

To our shock and amazement, nothing has arrived and we have a very string suspicion that nothing ever will……. 

So if someone is looking for a review of we will give them 0/10 – Absolute scammers !!!! 

It also begs the question why a supposedly respected site such as Casual Mind / Casual State of Mind would promote them. 

We’ve now opened a claim to claim back the lost money from our credit card company. If you are in any doubt about ordering from a site, always use a credit card or Paypal (goods and service)

If you believe that you’ve found a scam site, drop us a message and we can double check for you.