We have some important news ……… please read.

We have nearly reached 150’000 combined followers across our social channels (thank you!!), and the large majority of you are men. As we have grown, we have been looking at different causes and charities to support through our audience and reach and we have found one that we think fits absolutely perfectly.

We are delighted to announce that Man Savings will be supporting the charity Andy’s Man Club.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with them, Andy’s Man Club was set up with the aim a very simple one.  To get men talking.

Talking in a non judgemental, 100% confidential environment. A place where they can talk, they can listen to others, and have a brew. #ITSOKAYTOTALK

Set up by Luke Ambler following the tragic death of his brother in law Andy Roberts back in 2016, although the groups have gone from strength to strength,  more people need to know about AMC.

More men need to know that they DO have someone to talk to if they are struggling.  

Currently there are 20 different groups who meet every Monday night at various locations across the UK and nearly 600 men are using them. 
You don’t have to have suicidal thoughts or a mental health problem..
You may just be having a rough time of life. 
That’s what the groups are for.
Guys helping guys through those storms.
 A place where they can talk, they can listen to others, and have a brew. #ITSOKAYTOTALK


Could a visit to Andy’s Man Club help you?


Or maybe someone you know?


You can check to see where your nearest group is HERE

Andys Man Club hope to halve to amount of suicides in men under 45.
Which is why we would like to try and help.
Over the next few months we will be running some advertising campaigns via our social channels, with the aim of getting Andy’s Man Club an even bigger audience, and even if we can help just 1 person we will see it as a success.

But…….. we we can’t rely on the powers of social media alone.

We need YOUR help and support as well.

Andy Roberts in happier times. Pic Credit Luke Ambler 
All we ask is that if you see a post for Andy Man Club on Facebook or Twitter,  please, please give it a share or retweet it.

A simple share of a post on social media, might just save someone’s life.

Many Thanks for taking the time to read this. 
PS If you would like to keep up to date with news from Andys Man Club, you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram
If you need to contact Andys Man Club you can email info@andysmanclub.co.uk
Are you conected with an organisation that could give AMC some exposure? If so get in touch HERE