Over the last 12 months, the sudden rise of fake websites claiming to sell adidas has made it harder and harder to be able to buy with confidence when shopping online.

We have compiled a list of some of the sites to look out for. Under no circumstances should you buy from any of the sites below, because you will be disappointed. Normally one of 2 things happens, either you won’t receive anything from the company or you will receive something, which is more than likely to be a pair of fake trainers from China.

If you are in any doubt about a site – DO NOT BUY. Drop us a message and let us check it out for you. Or have a quick check on Scam Advisor here.

All of the sites below are scam sites. They all advertise adidas, and other top end brands at bargain prices.

Do not under any circumstances buy from them.

As a rule, if a company doesn’t accept paypal as a form of payment or has no social media accounts please stay away from them.

And please remember the old saying,  “if it looks too go to be true, it probably is… “

If you have found a possible scam site, please CONTACT US with the details or comment on the post below and we can add it to the list which will hopefully help someone else and save them from being scammed in the future.